Mirage Stone Decking 

Our Stone Decks are built on the same basic structure as any other deck. 
Porcelain costs about the same and the installation time is similar to other low maintenance decking options (like composite decking or Vinyl) so the labor costs would not be considerably different; keeping your overall investment similar but for decades to come.

Have you ever seen a 20 year old deck that still looks amazing?  

Stone Decks are the least expensive, lowest maintenance, and ultimately the best value for your money when purchasing a new deck. 

You can easily convert a wood deck into a Stone Deck or resurface an old concrete walkway or patio. We simply build a wood deck leaving an inch clearance and adding a 1% slope to ensure proper drainage. 


Stone Deck is also easily installed around pools, or around your fireplace.

Monville Landscaping specializes in and recommends Stone Decks, but the choice is yours, whichever material suits your needs we will custom build your deck! 


                      Advantages to Mirage Stone

Freeze thaw resistant—they are 100% frost-free and their properties remain unaltered at temperature ranging from -51.1º to + 60º C (-60° F to +140°F).

Colour durability—colour is fused by vitrification, becomes an integral part of the porcelain surface and is not affected by elements.

Low absorption rate—spills, salt and other materials will not seep into pores

Easy to clean—household cleaners can be used to wipe down spills and dirt; can even be pressure washed with a low pressure washing device* (see pressure washing warning)*

Durable—high breakage loads of up to 997.9 kg (2,200 lbs) allows for breakage reduction

Resistant— High compressive strength and ultra-low absorption rate creates a dense surface that resists mold, moss, dirt and other staining.

Skid-resistant—structured paver top textures create non-slip surfaces for safety; perfect for around pools/spas or in wet climates

Light weight— 16.8 kg (37 lbs) for the 24”x24” paver permit for easy installation, removal and serviceability and even reusability (Excluding adhered installations)

Available in colors that have an SRI that qualifies for a LEED certification. The SRI on some units ranges between 60-80%. To receive LEED credit, the SRI must be at least 29%.

Impermeable--deicing salt and other deicing materials can be used without concern of damage

Resistant to:


Mirage Collections

Imported from Italy


African Stone mix.JPG

African Stone

Black Reef 2.JPG

Black Reef

Stone Finish

Na. Me

Na. me 2.JPG

Natural Look

Gris Beige2.JPG

Stones 2.0

stones 2.0.JPG


Pierre Bleue.JPG

Pierre Bleue

Stone Finish


Pierre Bleue Sablee

Natural Flagstone




Rocky Mountain